What We Insure

Our primary business is writing farm and homeowners insurance and the additional coverages that go along with those policies.

We write farms from some of the largest grain and livestock operations (barns, grain bins, machine sheds, farm shops & farm equipment of all kinds) to the smallest hobby farms and everything in between.

We also write homeowners insurance coverage from the largest high valued executive homes to the basic three bedroom rambler.

In addition we write coverage on seasonal homes, rental homes, mobile and modular homes.

We can also package inland marine (also referred to as specifically scheduled items) for items such as boats, snowmobiles, ATVs, jewelry, guns, computer equipment and many others through our package partner North Star Mutual.

In addition we include liability coverages to protect your assets against the threat of lawsuit, for homeowners, farm operations including livestock, recreational vehicle coverage, some incidental business operations and many other exposures common to homes and farms.